music as inquiry

We work with improvised & determined music to view performance environments, with their behavioral and statistical maps, as gaming. In excavating musical relationships, we welcome test subjects from other fields, perhaps visual art or philosophy, natural or social science.

Gameboard Research Unit is an artist residency around some shared research questions. It comprises a week of lectures, workshops and performances. There will be a seminar series, a final concert with rehearsals, an all-day workshop on Sunday, and two evening lecture-concerts. Participants should register according to what they can fit into their schedule. Spectators are welcome to everything. The completed schedule is on page 2 of the registration form.

  • All activities are free and open to the public.
  • This is entirely self-funded
  • Donation is truly optional, but something like $10-20 per activity is extremely helpful and generous.
  • Some refreshments and snacks everyday
  • GRU will be installed at the following Philadelphia locations starting Wednesday June 8th and running daily until Monday, the 13th: Mascher Co-Op, Pharmacy, Wooden Shoe, TBA, University City Arts League, House Gallery 1816

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. Bring these experiments & questions to life with us. There are no qualifications or prerequisites.

Seminar with Jesse Austin & Joan Arnau Pàmies. Their research questions are founded in music but are transferable to other disciplines.

We will be premiering music by Matt Earnshaw and Luciano Azzigotti. Background in notated music is a plus, but is not required.

Complete description of activities in registration form.

Read more about our resident composers & invited guests on the bios page.


  1. SOTHIS platform’s 2016 general reading list (curated by quinn)
  2. Philosophy will be the key that unlocks artificial intelligence” by David Deutsch
  3. What is a Complex System?” by Ladyman, Lambert, & Wiesner
  4. LessWrong’s “What Is Bayesianism?” by Kaj Sotala

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