Residents & Organizers:

qqq.pngQuinn Dougherty 
is an artist and organizer stationed on the Starship Philadelphia since 2013. Composed and directed the opera “Second Skull” in 2015, produced and scored the film “Phaesporia” with cinematographer Carman Spoto in 2014, curated “Re-Present-Ing: Freedom, Fiction, and Science by Humans” and “Latency Studies #s 1-2” in 2016, and has collaborated with Archer Spade, Christina McPhee, Max Wilde, Sam Cirulis, Adam Vidiksis, and Thomas Patteson. Studies and agitates at the Community College of Philadelphia and the New Centre for Research and Practice.


Screenshot 2016-04-09 16.56.18.pngAlex Kulick is a Philadelphia-based multi-instrumental researcher focused on the potentials of improvising. Central interests include: the radical history and evolution of Black Music, bodily intelligence (kinesthetics/embodied cognition), questions regarding methods of communication, vocabulary development and application, and the primacy and potency of rhythm.




jessejssse.jpgJesse Austin is a musician, researcher, and educator based in Oakland, California. His work concerns potential energy, lines of force, and information dynamics within and around computer compositional systems and between live performers. He focuses on the irreplicability of live performance through reactive compositions that emphasize the physicality of sound production and real-time non-linear interactivity. Research interests include: Supercollider instrument design, performance and cognition, cybernetics, performance and computation, Beckett, Churchland, AACM.


joanjoan.jpgJoan Arnau Pàmies is a musician. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. His music has been performed internationally by new music specialists such as the Arditti and JACK Quartets, Fonema Consort, Ensemble Dal Niente, ensemble recherche, and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble. Pàmies’ writings have been published by the University of Huddersfield Press, NewMusicBox, Open Space Magazine, Sul Ponticello, among others. He is currently completing his DMA with Hans Thomalla. Pàmies’ dissertation is titled “Alternative Means of Musical Operation: Repurposing Sonic Creativity within and beyond Capital.”

Guests & Affiliates:

Luciano Azzigotti’s work takes form from model of nature and its functionality, genetic and morphable, as generators of and re-contextualizers of dynamic object/materials that build different kind of time. In his recent work he has though about microsound, feedback, D.I.Y. and chemical instruments, as well as edge towards computer based music like dynamic interactive scores, and performance/installation pieces. Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, is pianist and composer. Founder of conDiT, the concert’s platform of technological district in BA. Teacher in Instrument 1,2 and Science & Music at University of Tres de Febrero.

Matthew Earnshaw’s background is in physics but they sometimes play musician. They run  the net label, other work at SOTHIS commissioned a new piece from Matt to be premiered at GRU.

Office for Applied Complexity (OfAC) recognizes that many of the most pressing problems of our time may only be comprehended by new approaches across traditional disciplinary boundaries. We propose that new solutions are not to be had by overcoming or reducing the complexification of societal conditions, but rather by adjusting or even increasing social and institutional complexification to provide both greater freedoms and greater welfare simultaneously. Our immediate task is to comprehend the organizational frameworks and affordances which affect the dynamic tendencies of existing structures. OfAC is an international collective founded in 2016 by Diann Bauer, Joshua Johnson, Suhail Malik, Victoria Ivanova, Patricia Reed, Keith Tilford, & Natalia Zuluaga.

Penn Go Society meets on Wednesdays at 5pm in Houston Hall (3417 Spruce) to play Go.