Philadelphia Headquarters will be a music-mediated work in which a number of small ensembles located in different cities will perform together via live streaming. The title refers to the Philadelphia location, which will serve as the geographical center of the work, where a public audience will be physically invited to witness the entire process. In the headquarters, audio & video of ensembles abroad will play while live musicians interact in a number of ways, interacting with those sonic materials produced by the offshore performers.

Philadelphia Headquarters attempts to aesthetically explore the outsourcing logic that current multinational corporations employ to reduce costs at the expense of human dignity. In this sense, those raw, sonic materials produced in offshore cities will be sent to Philadelphia as a means to arrange them into aural commodities: these will be presented as finished products to the public audience. The consumers in Philadelphia thus appear to be the oppressive force to dispute.

Philadelphia Headquarters, however, will not become a mere redundant cultural artifact that reinforces the very logic that is questioned. On the contrary, the piece will investigate strategies that may be pursued— by those individuals who belong in the headquarters and by others who work in the outsourced locations—in order to critically dismantle the given model, and perhaps contribute to an alternative means of production and distribution, hopefully far fairer to the individuals involved.

-Joan Arnau Pàmies, composer

Sothis is issuing an open call for participants to produce Philadelphia Headquarters early in 2017. 

musicians interested: please fill out this form. 

Musicians from any city may be eligible. All experience levels are encouraged to apply. 

We are prepared to integrate & corrupt any style, any method, any pedagogy.

previous scores by Joan here

reach out to me with any questions! sothis.ensemble [at] gmail [dot] com 

-Quinn Dougherty, curator/producer